Day 9: Donghua University Visit

At Donghua University, we had another lecture talking about the doing business in China mainly about the phone business, e-commerce, and smart-phones. A lot of what he had to say was already covered in our first lecture, however, I did learn/realize two things. First that a website in China has a completely distinctive design than that of a US. For us we like a good-looking, simple, and clean website. For the Chinese, they like their websites to be busy and like to see everything at once. If the website is too clean, the Chinese users will get bored and find a different website.

Second, even though someone can live in China for more than half their life, they will keep their natural accent. The presenter was from African descent, and his first language was from wherever he was from. And even though he may not have used that language for many years, you can still hear it.

After the lecture, we were spilt into pairs and were assigned to a student of the University just to hang out with us and talk. I was paired with Eli and our university student was shy, especially since this was her first time doing something like this, and that is the norm for younger Chinese. After eating at one of their cafeterias we had a group activity. We had t make a Chinese Knot (very complicated). No one knew how to make one. The original instructions were terrible, people were buying easier instruction. My group found another one online and we were the only ones to actually make one. Now I have no idea where it is at.

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