Day 10: Ludwig, what a guy

Today we lived like royalty by hiking up to the castle Neuschwanstein. Built by the Bavarian King Ludwig II, it was extravagant to say the least. As a man who did not wish to be king, he built three castles to hide away from the responsibilities of Munich; although our tour of the inside of the castle brief, it was clear that he lived quite comfortably while avoiding his duties. The castle was also riddled with swan decorum because the king was obsessed with them or something. We then hiked further up the mountain to a bridge where we got a great view of the castle and even better selfies.


After a very steep and knee-breaking hike down, we stopped for lunch. Next was free time, where I had another countless cone of gelato. We then bakery-hopped until we found the best pretzel the touristy town had to offer. It is in my top two pretzels of the trip so far. We then took the bus to a town called Wieskirche, where we stepped inside yet another extravagant church.


We got dinner at Vapiano again then another round of gelato because why not.

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