Reflecting on the Trip

As a part of this trip, I was able to learn and experience many new things.  A large part of the trip was visiting and analyzing companies in the automobile industry in germany.  It was really interesting to be able to learn about each small part of the supply chain, and analyze it, as well as analyze the supply chain as a whole as it works as a system.  I think that was my favorite part about our academic learning, as we were able to put all of the information we had learned as engineering and business majors into context, and apply it to real challenges in the automobile industry.

However, we didn’t just learn about the automobile industry in this trip.  We were also able to immerse ourselves in German culture.  Whether we were enjoying the view from the top of a mountain, touring a city, or climbing up another tower, we were always learning more about Germany.  We saw the information we had learned in class in the spring come to life at places like Neuschwanstein castle and the Fuggerei.  We were able to put information we had learned from our culture guide book to the test by talking to locals and the students from the University of Augsburg, and challenge our preconceptions about what the German culture would be like.  As a whole, I enjoyed this trip the most because we were able to experience a new culture, and find its similarities and differences to our own.

I would recommend going on the Plus3 Germany to anyone at Pitt, because I was able to continue learning in the summer, make a lot of new friends, and have an experience I will never forget.  Dr. Feick and Brad made this trip even better with their knowledge and guidance through the whole program.  I am also very grateful that this program has given me the opportunity to travel in Europe for two extra weeks after the program ends, and I’m looking forward to continuing learning about new cultures!

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