Day 7: Munich (May 13)

Today is the day we have all been waiting for, the trip to Munich.  Munich is the third largest city in Germany and is the capital of Bavaria.  After a 45 minute train ride from Augsburg we arrived in Munich.  Once there, we learned that there was some kind of religious festival that occurs once a year going on in outside of the Glockenspiel, Munich’s city hall.  Due to this festival, Munich was especially crowded today.  Once we made it to the Glockenspiel, we were taken on a two-hour tour of the city where we saw the famous market and beer garden area, the churches of the city, and learned a lot about the history of Munich.  After the tour ended, we had a little over five hours of free time to explore the city.  All of us immediately went up to the top of a church to get a bird’s eye view of the city.  From the church, we could see all of the famous landmark’s of Munich and because it was such a nice day, the Alps.

the Glockenspiel before the crowd came in for the celebration
A great view of Munich with the Alps in the background

After splitting up from the group, some of us went to get lunch in the market where I got a really good steak sandwich from a small bakery.  I then spent a few hours walking around the city and buying souvenirs for my family and friends including some Bavarian chocolate made by a family who has been making chocolate for over 200 years.

After free time was over, the whole group met up by the Glockenspiel where the days festivities were coming to a close.  There was still a large gathering of people and members of the clergy and several quires were there.  At the end of the ceremony, all of the European flags were raised in a demonstration of solidarity and the festival was over.

The flags of Europe that I mentioned

We then went out for dinner at a burger joint in the outskirts of the city and finally were able to sit down after a long day on our feet.  After everyone had finished their meals, we were told that we were running late for our train, the last one to Augsburg, and we would have to run to the station in order to get back to the hotel that night.  All 20+ of us ran through the streets of Munich and caught the train with less than a few minutes to spare, and most of us fell asleep on the ride back.

Yesterday I was wondering how Munich would compare to large cities in America and I can now say that I was very supersede with the feel of Munich.  I thought that it would be a confusing mess of people, food, and beer, but even though over a million people live there, it has a small-town feeling to it.  It felt like all roads lead to the same place and it would be very hard to get lost there.  It wasn’t intimidating at all and everyone was very nice and patient with us even though we didn’t speak German.  Overall Munich was a great place to visit and it definitely lived up to me expectations of being one of the highlights of the entire trip so far.

Today was super fun and I hope to be back in Munich as soon as possible.  We will be visiting BMW soon, which is in Munich, but I don’t think we will be going back into the city.  Tomorrow we visit Dachau which was the first concentration camp.  I am looking to get as much as I can out of this visit, as I feel this is probably going to be the most influential part of the trip.  I think tomorrow’s blog will be on the shorter side and happier blog posts will resume on Monday.  Thanks for reading.

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