Reflections on the Two Weeks

I went into this trip not knowing what to expect. I never thought studying abroad was for me, but I decided to give it a try for two short weeks. It turns out those two weeks were way shorter than I wanted them to be; I didn’t want to leave. In that time, I fell in love with the country and gained a strong desire to travel. I tried new foods and made new friends, from Pitt and Germany.

From Oberammergau to Neuschwanstein, the cultural visits were my favorite part of the trip. I loved being surrounded by the rich history of the country; every place we went had a story. The cobble stone streets and pedestrian walkways welcomed new stories to be made as well, from leading our group to new locations to being our hang out in the town square. The different cultural visits also came along with their own unique feelings ranging from happiness while looking at the Alps to sadness at Dachau. I felt exhaustion at Ulm and disappointment at the construction-laden Neuschwanstein; a successful trip must include all emotions for it to be worthwhile. Despite all these emotions, the one I felt overall was pure joy. I was constantly excited for the next adventure each new day brought.

Our trip was not just sight-seeing however, we got to learn about the automotive industry by visiting some of the companies that comprised it. I did not know much about cars when the trip started, but I actually enjoyed learning. The factories were so fascinating, and they expanded my mind to cover new knowledge of the supply chain. My favorite had to have been the BMW visit because we got to see the final product being built. The BMW factory also utilized the KUKA robots, which showed off how advanced their engineering is. Aside from the site visits, the learning was made enjoyable by working with the German students. It was so interesting to compare our lives and views on certain topics; we found our similarities and bonded over them while doing our projects.

I am so thankful to have been able to have the experiences I did while in Germany. The memories and friendships I made over my trip are unforgettable. I look forward to my next adventure abroad.

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