Day Three: Engine Growls and Church Bells

Tuesday, May 9th

Today was our first company visit: Faurecia. Faurecia is a French company that supplies parts for the automobile industry such as exhaust systems and interiors. To get here we took the Tram; I had to buy myself a new set of tickets so that I could legally ride the public transportation. The fee for getting caught without a ticket is 60 Euros which is much more expensive that the ticket so definitely worth it, especially for the piece of mind.

At Faurecia we were given an introductory presentation to the company and then taken through a tour of their factory in Augsburg where they produce the hot ends (the end closer to the engine) of the exhaust system. I found it strange that parts for one exhaust line are often sourced from more than one company and then assembled. I thought that given how intricate the design of exhaust systems can be that they would need to be produced entirely by one company.

The factory tour provided our first look at the modern production line. We saw humans and robots working together to further specialize the production of different parts to provide better parts while also making the production safer.

After our visit to Faurecia we were given time to explore Augsburg on our own. I ended up going back to the same restaurant that we ate dinner on Sunday, our first night in Augsburg. After exploring, we all met back up to go on a tour of churches in Augsburg and learn about Martin Luther’s impact on the city.

Throughout the entirety of the tour, I was struck by the contrast of the decorations and feel of the different churches we visited. Even though they all had basically the same anatomy (many rows of pews, a large organ, etc.), they were all very different and represented differences in faith and parts of history. While the tour sounds like just a walk through different churches, it was really a walk through time and provided a great “first-hand” learning experience.

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