Day Two: PittStart in Germany

Monday, May 8th

Today, we were thrown right into the thick of things. We were given about an hour to put together a presentations on our assigned companies (mine was BMW). This does not seem like much of a task until you remember that you are in a foreign country, sleep deprived, and have just met your German group partners. Despite these things, however, the presentations from each group were great and the time constraint turned out to be the perfect tool to acclimate us to the potential challenges of studying abroad, such as the language barrier (the German students all spoke great English so this wasn’t too bad).

After our presentations, we set off for lunch in the Mensa, the cafeteria/restaurant on campus. This is when it started to feel like PittStart, but only in Germany. To me it felt just like Market, if Market were well lit and had edible food (maybe this is just my culture shock elation continuing). We were given vouchers to get almost as much as we wanted of whatever we wanted. We were all super excited about this and thought it would turn out great, however, thanks to the language barrier, my lunch ended up being a strange combination of things that looked familiar… I ate bread, oatmeal, and what tasted and looked very similar to crepes.

After lunch, we were given a tour of the campus and then we set off for a scavenger hunt in Pittsburgh… oh wait I mean Augsburg. My fear, from the first day (which was yesterday but feels like five days ago.. thanks jet lag!) that I would never be able to navigate the streets of Augsburg was being put to the test already. Thankfully, our scavenger hunt groups were joined by students from the University of Augsburg to help us get passed the language barrier. On our scavenger hunt we saw much of what we saw on our tour the day before (churches, town hall, restaurants, fountains, and more churches).

Remember that all important set of bus passes that we were told not to lose… I lost mine during the scavenger hunt… losing things will hopefully not become a theme of the entire trip.

Our scavenger hunt ended at Brauhaus Riegele where we were treated to an introduction to another part of German culture… BEER! (alcohol free of course)


Our day concluded with a dinner at Dragone, a cool combination of Italian food infused with German atmosphere.

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