Schluss Gedanken (Concluding Thoughts)

Freshman year of college was one of the best years of my life and Plus3 Germany was the perfect way to close it out. I remember hearing a presentation on how engineers can study abroad at Pitt. The presenters discussed how difficult it can be for engineers to balance their curriculum abroad, unless they did it early in their career. That’s why Plus3 is perfect.

Germany Plus3 was a great study abroad experience. While it may have only been two weeks, it was designed to pack in as much cultural and professional exploration as possible while also leaving time to feel like you could really guide your own experience.

The cultural sites that we visited and the insights that we got from the German Students form the University of Augsburg and the other locals we got to interact with shaped my experience. I left for Germany expecting to visiting companies and learn about the automotive industry and supply chain and while I did indeed do this, I learned so much more about Germany and my thought process than I could have imagined. I highly recommend this trip to anyone in the business school or SSOE who might be considering study abroad. I would also like to thank Brad Miner and Professor Feick for helping to organize this trip and make it the best that it could be for us. I would also like to thank them for putting up with me the entire time… Tchüss!

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