Muenster | Donnerstag


I got up today and stretched out my legs. 768. 768 steps.

We took a streetcar to Augsburg Hbf and then the train to Ulm. Ulm looked very similar to Munich, just not as congested with people. The walk from the Ulm train station was short and soon we were face-to-face with the Muenster. The Muenster is the highest church steeple in the world. 768 steps high. The climb to the top was rigorous and painful. The spiral stairs to the top appeared to be endless and to make it more fun there was not a ridge in the wall for support. By my legs kept pushing and pushing, one more step closer every time. Grueling, but worth it. The view from the top was absolutely incredible as you could see all the buildings, houses, railways, and rivers flowing through the confines of Ulm. However what goes up must come down, and personally, the climb down was ten times worse. One slip and you would go tumbling down twenty-five stories to the bottom. I took it very slow and in pure isolation, navigated my way to the sacred ground.

After conquering the Muenster, we met our tour guide who took around the beautiful city of Ulm. Although small, its history and location make it a place to remember. The tour ended at Pfannkuchenhaus, a pancake house in downtown. It was absolutely delicious, and made me question every other pancake I had ever tasted. Following our lunch, I made my way back to the city river and just observed. I took in a city as built as New York, yet as calm as Montana. It was a place of solace, just like the Laber Mountain.

We soon made our way back to Augsburg for an unforgettable goodbye dinner with the German students. It was incredible to meet such awesome people, and I’m positive we’ll keep in touch and meet again in the near future.

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