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Time flies and this trip zoomed by before I could even blink. Today is our last day in Germany and I had no big plans. I spent my final day in Augsburg, exploring the parts I had yet to discover. We started in at the Zoo and saw all sorts of animals: orangutans, elephants, rhinos, zebra, lions, tigers, marine life, turtles, and bison. No matter what we were doing it was great to be outdoors exploring the city.

From there a few of us made our way back the University and returned to eat some wonderful pizza. It was a great time to relax and observe what campus life was like in Europe. Everybody seemed cheerful and calm, compared to friends I see stressed and sprinting all over campus is Pittsburgh.

Finally, we spent the remainder of the day in Augsburg walking up and down the streets and enjoying the great time we had these past two weeks. It was a great time to talk to new friends, admire the culture of Bavaria, and plan my trip to return to this wonderful part of the world.

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