Donghua University visit

Today we spent our second day in Shanghai at Donghua University. Donghua University was founded in 1951 and is known for their technological and scientific research. We began our day there with a lecture from one of their professors. This lecture was held in an international students academic building. I definitely noticed a large diversity of students when we entered. The lecture was thought provoking and interesting but at the same time very similar to the lecture we heard at the previous university we visited. We also watched a press conference with Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba. After the lecture we were introduced to some students of the school. There was one Chinese student assigned to every group of two Pitt students. I was paired with Dolly, who was a fashion design major. We were taken to get lunch at a university dining hall. There I had an amazing meal that included crab legs, tons of meats and veggies, and an amazing chocolate coffee smoothie. During that time me and Maddie, the second Pitt student in our small group, got to know Dolly and how her university operates. After lunch we went on a tour of the university. Similarly to the other university, there was a lot of sports going on around campus. There were multiple basketball courts, tennis courts, and soccer fields. The University was small but not tiny. I thought the campus was very nice. After our tour we headed back to the classroom for our last activity: Chinese knot making. We received Chinese Knots back in Beijing. When we received them my first thought was “wow these are extremely intricate” so when I heard that we were making them, I felt very disheartened. We broke into our three person groups to make them. Maddie and I didn’t get far on ours but Dolly did pretty well. It wouldn’t have been that bad if we had the cork and pins that we were suppose to use to make them. Instead we had tape so it was very difficult. After we finished up making our knots we said our goodbyes and headed back for the hotel. Later that night we finished up the day by going back the Bund and having diner at a Ramen Noodle restaurant. I ordered another amazing meal that consisted of rice, avocado, fish, potato, and crab. I was also able to buy some tea for my mom!IMG_2221

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