Port of Shanghai

Today I had a little bit of a hectic morning. Not knowing if we had to dress formally for our visit today, I ran to and from my room from breakfast to switch between regular and formal close three times. In the end it turned out that we could just wear whatever we wanted. After breakfast we hopped on the bus, however we had a speaker on the bus with us this time. Our guest speaker was Mac Sullivan, who is currently the Greater China Trade Lane Manager for a company called Toll Global Forwarding. He’s an American who moved to China in 2010 after leaving his job as Project Manager for a US based building material company. The bus ride was two hours so he gave us a quick run down on himself and a little about his job. At the end of the ride to get to the port, we had to cross the second largest bridge in the world, which is the East China Sea Bridge. This led us to the Port of Shanghai. The second I saw the port, I was awestruck. There was a giant field of massive shipping containers. Just an endless field of what seemed to be a million of these shipping crates. The Port of Shanghai is the largest port in the world. It was amazing to think that most things that people have first go through this port. We only stayed to explore and look around for about 20 minutes, but I enjoyed every second. On the way back Mac went over some freight forwarding, which is the job he has in China. He also gave us a list of tips to help us succeed in life. Two tips I can remember of the top of my head are keep reading and always dress to impress. After we got back from the port, my group worked on our group project for a while. After that me and some of the guys on the trip went out seeking cheap, local, authentic food. We got exactly what we were looking for. We found a small restaurant that served the most delicious food you can get for the equivalence of an US dollar. It was a great diner and the last fun thing I did today.IMG_2193

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