file7Today we began the last leg of our journey by traveling to the great city of Shanghai. We took another high speed train that took about six hours. We got to our fancy four star hotel at around 3:30 pm and rolled out for the Shanghai history museum around 4:30. Just from the drive to the museum I fell in love with the city. There were so many diverse and amazing buildings, including the Shanghai tower, which is the worlds second largest building. The museum was also located in another amazing building, the Oriental Pearl Tower. The museum very interesting and was full of wax sculptures, depicting the history of the people and culture of Shanghai. There were also a set of cars that were driven in shanghai during the early-mid 1900s, which I found to be especially cool. We didn’t spend too much time there because we had a boat to catch! We got to take a triple decker boat out on the Huangpu River, which located in the Bund. The Bund is the water front area in downtown Shanghai. When we got on the boat it was night but all the extravagant lights from the buildings lit up the night. It was truly amazing and it reminded me a lot of time square. Also throughout the day, I noticed that Shanghai is definitely more of an international city, especially compared to Beijing and Xi’an. In Beijing and Xi’an, our group caught a lot of stares from the local people. Natives even took pictures of us constantly. However, in Shanghai, we were not only left alone but I also saw a lot of other Americans along with people from all across the globe. Today was a great start to the Shanghai part of the trip.

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