TE Connectivity and DuPont

Today we went on our last company visits at TE Connectivity and Dupont. Before today I had no prior knowledge of either of these companies. We started the day at TE Connectivity which was about an hour away from the hotel. When we arrived we walked through the offices into a conference room where we got a rundown of the company. We learned that TE Connectivity creates small parts that are used in wireless devices such as cell phones, printers, faxes, etc. After our lecture we got the chance to go to their warehouse/factory where they manufacture the parts. This may sound boring but it was actually very intriguing. There were rows and rows of robots assembling tiny pieces of electronics. Some of the machines that assemble the parts cost up to 250k. There were also workers who were in charge of checking if the parts were suitable for sale. The factory itself was full with non-stop moving parts and so many cool machines. After TE we went to Dupont, where we had the same type of intro to the company lecture and a factory visit. In the lecture, I learned Dupont is the oldest of the current fortune 500 companies and the original company produced dynamite. Now, in 2017, Dupont is focused on electron polymers. They’ve used their technology and research to designed food that doesn’t go bad as quickly, bullet proof vests, fabric used for pillow, clothes and bedsheets, and a lot more. After the lecture they brought us to a room that showcased all of their inventions. This was super cool to walk through. We also got to go in one of those rooms where the decibel level is lower than normal so everything sounded slightly quieter. Once our time there was concluded, we got an awesome gift from Dupont: a paper wallet that is waterproof and rip-proof.  0D07AE8A-8FBF-4D72-9EF3-96E7ABC002F9.JPG

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