Hail To Vietnam

Hi everyone! My name is Madison Nader, and I’m a freshman in the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m majoring in Finance and Business Information Systems as well as a minor in Spanish. I am hoping to one day work for an apparel company in ~one can dream~ New York City. For now, though I’m satisfied with exploring Pittsburgh.

I’m from Allentown, PA where I live with my parents, older sister, and dog, Sophie (who is by far the best Nader). Throughout the years I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel internationally alongside my family. So far I’ve been able to visit: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, the Bahamas, and most recently Italy. My favorite parts of my travels have been experiencing different cultures, trying new foods, and talking to new people. With an emphasis on food.

When choosing where I wanted to study abroad this summer, without a doubt, I knew that I wanted to utilize this opportunity to see Vietnam. This is a country I knew I would never travel to on my own or choose to travel to. And because of my love for new cultures, this was one that I wanted to experience. Looking at development of the country would give me new knowledge on the business side and also give me the ability to see first hand how their culture played into development, and this is the aspect that I love.

I’m beyond excited to travel abroad in just a few short weeks. I cannot wait to see this beautiful country, meet new friends, and of course, try the local cuisine.



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