Dia Dhuit Ireland!

Hello everyone! I am Madison Blackwell, and I am currently finishing my junior year at the University of Pittsburgh. In the College of Business Administration, I am majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Management and considering a third major in Business Information Systems. Also, within my sorority, Delta Delta Delta, I hold the position of Academic Chair. I am not exactly sure what I want to do after graduation, hopefully, either enter the workforce or possibly continuing my education into law school. 

I am a Pittsburgh native and grew up about a half hour south of the city in Washington, PA. I am the third child out of four and come from a very close family. Going to Pitt it was an easy choice for me as I am the ninth person in my extended family to attend this University. However, I will be the first of those nine to be apart of a study abroad program. I have traveled to Mexico, Punta Cana, and the Bahamas, but I am most excited about getting to travel to Ireland for the first time. I chose to travel to Ireland with this program because the length and time of this trip fits my plans perfectly. I don’t think I could travel for an entire semester, and as a junior transfer student to CBA, this program allows me to still have an abroad experience. 

While in Ireland, I really hope to gain a better understanding of corporate life in another country. When visiting the many companies we have planned, I hope to improve my professional self. With the focus of this program being technology and innovation, I look forward to using the experiences I will have to conclude if I would like to add BIS as a third major. I also hope to gain a more adventurous and independent sense of self while traveling. 

Stay tuned for a stream of endless photos and hopefully many amazing stories to come!

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