Arrivederci, Pittsburgh; Ciao, Milano!

My name is Shelby Smith and I just finished my freshman year at Pitt. I’m from Dallas, PA (near Scranton – I’m a big fan of The Office)! I’m planning on majoring in marketing and pursuing the certificate in leadership and ethics. On campus, I’m involved with Pitt Program Council and Pitt Tonight. With finals behind me, I can’t wait to head to Italy! I applied to the Plus3 program so that I could experience another country and get a taste of studying abroad early in my college career. Specifically, I chose Italy because of its focus on the fashion industry and the positive experiences my parents have had traveling there.

Since I have never been to Europe, this trip will be out of my comfort zone. However, I am excited to gain confidence in myself by facing the unfamiliar and make new friends along the way. I also expect this experience to be valuable academically and professionally; I think I will learn a lot by observing how supply chains operate on a global scale. It will be a great opportunity to visit sites in person.

I’m looking forward to experiencing Italian culture firsthand. In particular, I am eager to try new foods, take a Gondola ride in Venice, and attend Mass in one of Italy’s many beautiful cathedrals. Stay tuned for updates on my trip!



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