The Adventure Begins (In China)!

Hello! My name is Jamie Ley and I am freshman environmental engineering student in the Swanson School of Engineering. I am from Pittsburgh and everyone in my immediate family are graduates from the University of Pittsburgh. The summer going into 11th grade, I traveled to France, Switzerland, and Germany. That experience made me eager to continue traveling to different places around the world.

China is a country that I hear a lot about in the news and a lot of the things we buy come from China, but it is a country that I know little about. My favorite subject in high school was environmental science, which studies how humans interact with their environment. As a developing nation, China will have major power over what the future of our world will look like. I wanted to be a part of the China Plus3 program to learn more about this country that will have such a great influence over the world’s future.

While in China, I am excited to try new foods (even though I can’t use chopsticks), and I am excited to see the historical sites, such as the Yu Garden and the Great Wall.

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