Plus3 Italy

Hello!  My name is Steven Kirk and I am a rising sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh.  I am a Pitt Business student majoring in Accounting with a minor in Business Analytics.  On campus, I am the Innovation Competition Coordinator for Enactus, a member of the Phi Eta Sigma honors society, and a member of the club cross country and rock climbing teams.   I was born and raised in Pittsburgh.  I’m a huge fan of Italian culture and am excited for the opportunity to travel to such an amazing place.

I chose Plus3 Italy because it aligned well with my both my personal and professional goals.  Personally, I am incredibly excited to explore Italian culture, as it has had a major influence on my life.  Academically, I recently completed two supply chain courses and am very interested in taking a hands-on, in-depth look into a subject I spent my first two semesters studying.  Professionally, I feel that studying abroad offers real world experience that cannot be gained through any other means.  Developing language skills and learning about a foreign culture are eye-opening experiences that will help me gain a new perspective on the world.  However, this is my first time traveling overseas, and am a bit nervous to visit a country where I have essentially zero language knowledge.  Regardless, I am very excited for such a fantastic opportunity!

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