4 May 2018 – Intro

Hello friends! My name is Nick and I am an engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh.  My intended major is Materials Science.  I graduated from Central Catholic, which is a high school down the street in Oakland.  While there I rowed and played in the marching band.  In my free time I coach the freshmen rowing program at my high school and am also on the executive board of the Pitt Music Club.  I also like doing origami in my free time.

I  have chosen the Plus3 Program because I didn’t want to waste any time spent in college at home doing nothing, and Plus3 is one of the best opportunities for freshmen engineers to do study abroad and learn things relevant to their major.  I also knew the environment would be very academic because of the GPA requirements.  I also wanted to be able to go back to Italy, which is my favorite place to travel to.

I will be staying for another two weeks after the trip ends and will be traveling to Sicily to visit family, so I am excited to get to spend a month in Italy.  I am a little nervous about traveling by myself and without my parents because I have never done that before, but I am confident that it will not be too difficult.  I am also excited to keep a blog because I think self-documentation is cool and I wish I did it more often.

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