Sustainability in Costa Rica

I am from Swarthmore Pennsylvania, and our community is very eco-friendly. As an outsider, I can relate  to their goals. I believe Costa Rica becomes much more attractive due to the fact they care about the sustainability of their country. The focus on sustainability certainly makes them seem very progressive. Many countries will take pointers and eventually follow in their steps.

Renewable energy is the key to success for building a sustainable country. Hydropower, geothermal power, and investment in wind and solar power, are the main source of Costa Rica’s power. For a quarter of 2015, all their their electricity came from those sources. While many countries are watching their forests disappear, Costa Rica is moving in the opposite direction! Over the past 25 years, Costa Rica has doubled their forrest area. Another step Costa Rica is taking towards sustainability is making an international commitment to be carbon neutral by 2021. They are pledging to reduce their fossil fuels and ultimately reducing their carbon emissions. The only thing that is preventing them from accomplishing their goal is their dependence on fossil fuels for transportation.

I am so excited to go to Costa Rica because I want to practice my spanish, immerse myself in a new culture, and eat some delicious food!


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