To Italy, We Go!

Ciao, amici!

My name is Celeste Carboni and I just wrapped up my freshman year at the University of Pittsburgh! I’m double majoring in finance and accounting while pursuing a certificate in Latin American studies. I consider myself to be very outgoing and especially enjoying studying mathematics at school. These two factors led to my interest in the world of business and particularly, finance and accounting.

I grew up in a small, suburban town called Garnet Valley that sits about 45 minutes south of Philadelphia, PA. Growing up, I looked up to my two older sisters, Lauren and Julia. They always give me great advise in all different aspects of my life. My favorite things in life include rap and R&B music, Marvel movies, concerts, food (bread especially), cats, TRAVELING, and much, much more.

I have always longed to explore new parts of the world and learn about different cultures, which led to my interest in the Plus3 program. This program gives students like me the opportunity to get a hands-on glimpse of what a longer term study abroad program will entail. The Italy program especially stood out to me due to my particular interest in the fashion industry.

I am eager to explore the beautiful cities of Milan, Florence, and Verona, and learn about their different fashion cultures while emerging myself amongst them for 14 days. Milan stands out as one of most prominent fashion capitals in the world and I am humbled to have the opportunity to explore its unique fashion industry. The historical sites are awaiting my arrival and and I am so excited to enrich my education on the art and history of Florence. I cannot wait to see what this journey brings me, and I hope you will stay tuned to see it too!

Ciao, for now!

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