Blog 1: First Impressions

Ireland is great so far! The people, food, and city are wonderful, and I look forward to exploring (and blogging) for the next 13 days. Something that has surprised me is how many pro/anti abortion posters are hanging up around the city. It will be interesting to see how older and younger generations feel about this matter through the conversations we have with locals.

Meeting Hayley was an excited part of our day, as well! She is extremely enthusiastic and energetic, and I am sure we will learn a lot from her. Hayley seemed very interested getting to know us and what we hope to see/accomplish on this trip. Susanne Bach had a similar attitude, and gave me the impression she wants us to learn as much as we can on this short trip. She commented on how Irish people find it rude if you come seek help without first asking, “How are you?”. This is quite different from America, as I can think of multiple occasions where I have peeked my head in a professors door to ask a quick question and skipped the small talk. Overall, both women seem extremely insightful and I look forward to learning more about Irish culture through them.

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