Day 1: Day fun

Hey everyone! After one day in Ireland, all I can say is I am tired, but extremely excited to learn more about this country! After a long day of traveling, we finally made it into Dublin safe. As a group, we were able to briefly explore the city by walking around with one of our program leaders, Hayley.

After walking throughout parts of the city, I have noticed how much different their buildings are, how polite the locals are, and how confusing the road system is. I never thought crossing a street would be so dangerous, and quite frankly a little bit scary. Already today, I had 2 locals ask me what my views on Trump were. Some of the people I spoke to today had very thick Irish accents and sometimes I could not understand them, but after asking them to repeat themselves they tried to say it in an American accent. I have noticed how similar yet different Ireland is to the United States. While walking to Griffith College, I asked Hayley a few questions. I asked her where some things were and if she has lived in Dublin her whole life. She explained to me that Dublin really is not as big as it seems and almost everything is in walking distance. I also learned that she was born in Ireland but moved to Scotland for a few years; however, she moved back to Dublin to accept the job at CAPA.

Another director for the CAPA program, Susanne, spoke briefly about the relationship management in Ireland. The Irish people like to talk a lot, and they like to ask questions. However, Americans are more straight forward with their responses, while the Irish can be less forward.

Overall, it was a very fun, yet tiring day in Dublin. I already feel like I have learned so much about the culture in Ireland. Below, I have attached a few photos I took while walking through Dublin to get to Griffith college.

I can not wait for everything else I will learn and see while in Dublin. IMG_9983.jpgIMG_9973.jpgIMG_9982.jpg


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