Ciao from Italy


I am so happy to be back in Italy. After a day of travel we finally arrived in Italy yesterday morning. Once we got to Milan we immediately started on our Italian adventure. We quickly stopped in the hotel to get settled before going out as a group for a big Italian lunch with everyone.

After lunch we had an orientation on safety before having a free night in Milan to explore the city on our own. After a long trip we were all happy to finally get a good night’s sleep.

Today we had a crash course in Italian and the culture of Italy. I found the course helpful in refreshing my knowledge of Italian to the point where I feel somewhat confident in my ability to communicate with the locals. After a lunch break we were taken on a guided tour of the city which I found super interesting. I liked how Milan has skyscrapers only blocks away from important historical landmarks. I thought the  Duomo was very cool because of its massive size and impressive architecture. After our tour we got to enjoy a free night in the city where we enjoyed looking though the stores and eating an Italian dinner.

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