Day 1: City tour and welcome dinner


Today during out tour of Ho Chi Minh City something that stood out to me was the amount of American fast-food restaurants present. I spotted at least one Popeye’s and as well as one Pizza Hut amongst other. Overall this demonstrates globalization in Vietnam as foreign companies, in this case the American fast food chains, are coming to Vietnam to invest and grow their business, thus bringing things from other cultures with them. Speaking with many of the students, it was also clear that there is a large amount of Western influence here. The students discussed with me their interest in learning English as well as their familiarity with Western pop music. All of these things demonstrate how interconnected the world is today and how countries and cultures can influence one another.

The thing that surprised me at the Welcome Dinner was the amount of sea food served with the most surprising dish being the shrimp prawns served with arms and legs still attached. I suppose I should have expected a large amount of sea food considering Vietnam’s location, however, I did not expect the meal to be made up mostly of sea food. For me, this was an adventure outside my comfort zone because at home we do not eat any sea food, however, I tried almost everything and enjoyed it. Also, although I was not prepared to see my meal looking back at me, witnessing and trying something new was worth it.

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