Dr. José Sánchez

I learned a lot from Dr. Sánchez today! I am glad we all were able to get a little more educated on the current state of the Costa. I still have questions about some of the interesting points during his lecture.

First off, why does the government keep on hiring workers?

Dr. Sánchez emphasized the fact that there are many government workers not doing any work. The tax dollars the Tico people put forth are not benefiting their own lives, rather just paying the salaries of lazy government workers. The country is in a 6% deficit and yet still growing their government. I believe that if Costa Rica cuts the number of government employees, and spend the surplus money on infrastructure, Costa Rica would blossom into a great power. Already being a top ten nation in sustainability, Costa Rica could become a legitimate power if they put their extra tax money into innovation and infrastructure.

Secondly, why would the people of Costa Rica decide to elect a President of the same party as the previous President?

I respected Dr. Sánchez for being so outspoken on his political views. I understand many people have their own opinions; however, I don’t know if I can go against facts and numbers. The Ticos experienced some of the worst inflation and the national deficit is the largest ever. Dr. Sánchez believes it was a mistake electing the same political party. My host mother also was telling us that the current (soon to be past) president got in trouble with laundering money through the cement business. With an untrustworthy government, the Ticos will never be able to grow as a country.

Lastly, Costa Rican politics have arguably had their golden age in the 80s, according to Dr. Sánchez. What happened as of late, and is there any way to reach that point again?

Like Professor Teeter said, around eight or so years ago, there were only two Political parties that would control the elections. The result of having only two parties receiving more than 80% of the votes made the elections an efficient transition of power. Over the past two terms, other parties have risen to power. The reason for the rise in powers of the smaller parties was corruption. Corruption is still an issue in Costa Rica. In the past election, there had to be two rounds because the initial round of voting was so split. The second round costs more money out of the pockets of the Ticos. More parties means more voices for all. Too many parties, means more of a cost for all. The best way to get back to the golden ages is to try to rally behind one single party. Another idea that Dr. Sánchez voiced was the Right economy is the way to go. The Right economy focuses on the citizens and allows more freedom in the market. PYMA’s are also a way to pull the Costa Ricans out of their rut. If politicians can focus on strengthening the small and medium businesses, the middle class will strengthen in result. The middle class is the key  to the government’s success.

It is sad to hear Dr. Sánchez’s prediction of what the future holds for Costa Rica. As previously stated, it is fascinating how they don’t believe the government is doing a great job, but then elect another president from the same party with similar beliefs. I can’t wrap my head around voting for a party that messed up the economic dynamic of the entire country.

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