Italian 101

Ciao! Today, I began my first full day in Italy with a lovely breakfast and a walk around town.

Then, we engaged in an Italian Crash Course. This was taught by a Pittsburgh native who now lives and teaches English in Milan. I learned numerous common phrases and information about ordering food at restaurants. Therefore, I started to feel a bit more comfortable exploring this country.

During our afternoon break, we ate delicious authentic pizza and browsed around some stores close to our hotel.

Afterwards, we embarked on a thorough walking tour of the city where I learned a lot about Italian culture and the fashion industry. It was incredible to see the historic churches, artistic terraces, and storefronts. Our tour ended with a view of the Duomo which is the 3rd largest Cathedral, which can accommodate about 40,000 people.

We continued on our day by exploring designer stores like Gucci, Ferrari, and Prada. Then we headed to a local restaurant for a nice dinner. As we were walking back to our hotel, we stopped for refreshing gelato and sorbet.

We definitely learned an amazing amount of information about Italy — Milan specifically today. For me personally, I was impressed by walking over 22,000 steps and 8.4 miles today!

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