When in Milan


Today was fantastic! I might be in love with Italy. On a side note, I thought I was doing pretty well with the jet lag, but boy was I wrong. I woke up this morning fully intending to go down to the hotel lobby and eat breakfast. In reality, I stayed in bed for an hour after my alarm went off and made it downstairs just in time to meet up with everyone. Do not worry (Mom and Dad) ; I ate a granola bar. We began the day by taking a crash course in Italian. If anything, it taught me that I have been pronouncing everything incorrectly. The information on food was super helpful. As I mentioned, I love to eat. I have already consumed pizza twice. I also appreciated all the tips and tricks on how to get around and fit in in Milan. A big thanks to Hannah, our teacher.

After the crash course, we had lunch (pizza round 2). The fried pizza knots were to die for. The margherita pizza was also delicious. I am not going to lie; I did take a nap after lunch before our walking tour of Milan. Jet lag was not my friend today.

The walking tour was amazing. I learned so much about Milan and its history. We were able to see both the new section of the city (Porta Nuevo), as well as the older section of the city (or the center). You could tell which section you were in based on the gates around the center of the city. The gates remain from when the Spanish had built a wall around the city to protect it.

I really enjoyed when the tour guide took us into the less touristy areas of the city (reference the first picture). It was cool seeing the super authentic parts of Milan. One of the places we went into was a shopping area that was meant to be set up like a magazine. It had a shop, a restaurant, a bookstore, and a rooftop terrace. The terrace was unfortunately closed, but the view from the second floor was still beautiful. It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the tour. We ended the tour at the Duomo. We did not go inside, but the outside was beyond gorgeous to look at.


Throughout the day, I made sure to take pictures of bikes, cars, and scooters for my friend who is super into vehicles. He would love Milan because you can rent scooters like how America as the rent a bike things in cities (picture included below). Following the tour, we made sure to take plenty of pictures, as one does when in Milan. After we had our fair share of walking into designer shops where we could not afford anything, a group of nine of us went a couple blocks away from the Duomo in order to order dinner. I had a seafood risotto and I honestly could spend the rest of my life eating just that. We also had a really delicious sweet white wine that was recommended by our waiter. After grabbing some gelato, we headed back to the hotel.


It has been a long and exciting day, but now I am exhausted. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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