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Hey y’all what’s up it’s your favorite Irish train rider behind literally everyone else including the drunk man that got jammed in the doors (thx Zac) and the pee on the ground. Anyway I literally thought I was getting a full time offer today and me and the girl that gave us the tour were homies by the end but I guess you can’t always get everything. I mean I’ve taken one intro to python class so I could easily 1 v 1 Bill Gates ANY day.

Onto the serious stuff.  In case you haven’t guessed by now, Google was my pick for the one that I will remember five years from now.  Prior to this visit I already had an interest in the large tech companies, especially Google.  I think that we make a lot of decisions about what direction we want our careers to take before even seeing what the workplace or people are like.  This is why seeing Google was so cool.  It’s such an iconic company and to see it in real life was even better than my expectations.  It reaffirmed the idealistic vision of what a modern tech company can be; creative, motivational, and full of autonomy.

Being able to see these companies in real life adds a sense of direction to the confusion of picking where you want to work.  Also, working for these large companies often seems like a far out idea but this visit added some tangibility to it.  It also shows how much power and influence a large company like that can have on the outside community.  Being able to hear about all the outreach that Google does for the Dublin community is inspiring and displays how they most likely operate in the US as well.

Between meeting the people that work there, seeing the design of the building, and taking it all in is something that I definitely won’t forget for a long time.

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