Learning CAN Be Fun

Today was quite different from yesterday because we learned a lot more about the luxury and high end fashion industry as well as more history of Milan. We began by taking the Metro to a catholic university, the largest one in Europe in fact. It was very interesting to experience how a college functions in another country, and we even got to sit in on a guest lecture about sustainability and the fashion supply chain.

After a quick tour of the school, we walked over to the Museo nazionale della scienza e della tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, or the Leonoardo da Vinci museam of science and technology. While there, our tour guide led us around a small portion of the museum…which took around two hours and was still only 10% of the whole museum! We saw several replicas of inventions made by da Vinci and others from his time. I really enjoyed the boat, airplane, and train exhibits as well, as they were full sized and very authentic looking.

To end the day, I enjoyed a delicious dinner with some friends at Corso Como and got gelato at Eataly. Even though I am worn out from the days activities, I am excited to travel to Como tomorrow for the company visit to Montero Seta SPA and the boat tour!Italyday2.3Italyday2.1

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