Blog 3: What A Day!

Todays schedule was packed with insightful and educational experiences. We started the day at the Pearse Lyons distillery and learned about Dr. Lyons interesting heritage, then continued with visiting Google, one of the trendiest office spaces I have ever seen. The ideas and goals of the two companies were completely different and it was fascinating being able to compare those two, even though they are not necessarily in the same line of business.

However, one of the most meaningful topics that we discussed today was with Darren when he took us on a tour around the docks. Something that really resonated with me when he was speaking about why people want to come to Dublin to work was: you have to be willing to overcome adversity and not always be so rigid. Also, he mentioned that it doesn’t matter what kind of hobbies and skills you have, since pretty much everyone has the same ones. Instead, you should focus on being personable and being someone who can work with other people and is willing to change for the better. Darren really stressed the importance of being able to articulate your thoughts and knowledge on paper, not just be a good test taker. Overall, he shared lots of insight on how to be successful, as well as the history of Ireland’s economy.

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