Day Three

This morning, after I had my usual cappuccino and croissant for breakfast, we traveled on the metro for the first time. We arrived at Università Cattolica, a university in Milan. We learned a lot about the university and what they have to offer to international students.

There was also a presentation about the fashion industry given by a professor at the university. We learned about the difference between fashion and luxury and the role that sustainability plays in the fashion industry. After the presentation, we got to eat lunch at the university and talk to students who were attending there.

Next, we went to the Leonardo da Vinci museum for a tour. The sections we got to explore included many of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings and inventions. We also got to see the section about space exploration which was my favorite!

For dinner, a few friends and I traveled to Navigli. We tried the aperitivo, and it was interesting to try so many different Italian foods at once. We had planned to go shopping but it started raining. So, to end our long day of adventures, we ended up going to another gelato shop. I think I can say that this is the best gelato I’ve had yet!

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