Darren on the Rocks

A distillery tour, a full economic education, and a visit to my dream job campus: today went by in a flash. As a group, we did a site visit to Pearse Lyon and Google. Both were incredibly enriching experiences and completely different. However, when it comes to the most memorable experience of the day, Darren on the docks is the clear winner. 250323705[1].jpg

Essentially, this talk surrounded the economic development of Ireland. He assigned each of the students a role in the talk. First, this made me think about my own presentation skills and how to draw people into presentation. Takeaways from this presentation include calling out audience members by name, placing them into the narrative, and applying personal experience.

Because Darren had such strong presentation skills, his message stuck with the audience. I loved hearing about the transition of the country from a brewery-dependent market, to the crash from Prohibition, to current day technology influx. The development of the Irish economy amazes me. The Irish people are known for their flexibility, a staunch contrast from most Americans. This flexibility was emphasized time and time again by Darren during his talk. If it weren’t for Irish flexibility, they would not have been able to encourage foreign businesses to enter the country. If they were too prideful or against change, this would not be able to occur. Darren encouraged us to embrace this aspect of Irish culture and to learn from it. I am working on improving this side of my personality. Perhaps this is something I can learn from my fellow countrymen. Mediolanum-Asset-Management-Limited[1].jpg

Overall, Darren’s presentation made me reflect on how little I know about Irish economics, and how different politics and economic decisions can seem from an inside versus outside perspective. For example, I had assumed that the sole reason for the move of businesses to Ireland was due to low taxes. According to Darren, driving factors for this include Brexit, leaving Ireland as the last English-speaking country in the EU, political stability, and relational people. I am excited to learn more and realized that I need to embrace the unknown. I am not aware of everything, and this entire trip is a learning experience. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

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