Café, Café, y Más Café

Today we visited the two companies Doka and Britt, both of which contribute to the supply chain of coffee in Costa Rica. However, their contributions lie within different components of the coffee process. Doka is a coffee bean producer that does a minimal amount of roasting, whereas Britt roasts coffee along with competing in other product markets such as chocolate and tourism. Britt differentiates itself from competitors by promoting the company as an experience as opposed solely a product. All of their stores are designed with marketing specifically for that location, and include products that relate to the tourists and people of that country.

Café Britt is a well-known company in Costa Rica, and is even used as a case study in local business schools to interpret the strategy the company used when rebranding. The company is also greatly involved in the community and with environmental protection efforts. Even though this familiar brand is highly respected by locals, many Ticos choose not to drink it. The majority of this company’s coffee is consumed primarily by tourists who love the brand and the taste. I believe that this is a result of their marketing efforts being heavily focus on tourism.  They market their products well in areas where tourism is prevalent like airports and hotels. They also price their items in dollars as opposed to colones which favors foreign markets over local ones.

As far as sustainability, our lecturer spoke a little about Café Britt’s efforts and initiatives. They have a program known as “Go People” that focuses on social sustainability through community and career development. They also have a program known as “Go Green” in which they take an organic approach to the coffee making process, and reduce the use of plastic in part by using reusable aluminum bags. These bags are made by local artisans which in turn improves the sustainability of the local community. The company takes environmental protection one step further as they offer environmental educational seminars on recycling during many of their tours.

Overall, I think that Café Britt does have a strong focus on sustainability. However, it would be beneficial for the company if they chose to promote this more in their marketing. People love to see that companies place an emphasis on environmental impact, and if this was discussed more then the company would be able to profit financially.

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