The More Coffee the Better

Café Britt is a unique company in the Costa Rica and internationally. I think one of the reasons Ticos do not usually drink Café Britt coffee is because of how large the company has grown. Our guest lecturer emphasized the importance of small businesses to the Costa Rican economy, and I believe Ticos want to continue to support the small businesses and not larger corporations like Café Britt.

Café Britt can be considered mainly a customer and partially a manufacturer in the supply chain of coffee. Since Café Britt is primarily shops and cafes more so than a plantation so they need to purchase supplies from manufacturers. After buying the supplies from the manufacturers, Café Britt is able to differentiate their products to sell to their consumers.

Doka could be considered the reverse of Café Britt because they are mainly manufacturers and partially a customer in the supply chain of coffee. Doka sells their unroasted beans to large companies which are their customers. Doka also sells differentiated products like chocolate covered coffee beans to individual customers.

Café Britt uses logistics to promote their brand internationally. By sharing the information the company has learned while growing their business in Costa Rica it has allowed the company to continue to do well in other countries. I think Britt approaches their business plan well because it is obvious that they are doing well for themselves. If I had to change something I think that I would try to come back to marketing toward the Ticos since the Ticos could bring in a lot of revenue for the company.

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