The Amazing World of Coffee

Coffee was the theme of the day today as we toured both Doka, a large Costa Rican coffee producer, and Cafe Britt, a prominent Costa Rican coffee roaster. Cafe Britt roasts incredibly tasty and popular coffee which can be found all around the world, however, the natives of Costa Rica are not particularly fond of their brand of coffee. The primary reason this is true is because Cafe Britt, in order to generate a high level of revenue and create global awareness, focuses its efforts towards exportation rather than distribution throughout its home country. However, Costa Rican law prohibits the company from exporting 100% of its coffee. Instead, Cafe Britt is required to allow for a low percentage of its production to remain within the country. In order to make the best use of their coffee, Cafe Britt uses the highest quality beans in their export market while using low quality beans in the Costa Rican market. Obviously enough, this then leads to a general distaste towards Cafe Britt coffee within its home country.

While Cafe Britt can be found towards the middle or end of the coffee supply chain as a roaster which sells its own product, Doka is located at the top of the supply chain as a coffee bean producer instead. The Doka plantations, made up of around 4000 acres of land, grows the coffee beans and prepares them with their personal methods in order to create a great tasting and widely loved coffee. Doka sells their product, the actual coffee beans, to popular companies such as Starbucks who then go through a separate roasting process in order to create their final product for consumption. This is different from Cafe Britt who, as mentioned earlier, roasts the coffee and sells their own brand all over the world.

Cafe Britt is an incredibly successful company and as far as selling is concerned, there are many aspects which contribute to its financial prosperity. First, Cafe Britt focuses a large majority of its marketing efforts towards merchandizing rather than other forms of advertisement. By training professionals who are knowledgable of Cafe Britt’s coffee, its customers can be provided with the information they need from these employees in order to make the choice of whose coffee to purchase. Next, Cafe Britt specializes its selling approach depending on the country’s location. For example, Rio was especially important for sales during the World Cup and the Olympics. By creating a specialized selling approach during these popular events, Cafe Britt increased its sales tremendously.   Finally, the most important aspect of selling which is practiced by Cafe Britt is innovation. The company’s beginning was solely in the coffee industry, however, throughout the years Cafe Britt has increased its inventory to include chocolate, cookies, and many other products in order to expand its range of customers. This strategy of innovation has proven to be very successful considering that Cafe Britt is now found in multiple countries and is selling multiple products, growing its sales by a large percentage.

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