Day 3 – University and Leonardo Da Vinci Museum

Today was the most academically fulfilling part of the trip so far. We attended a lecture at the Milan Cattolica University, which described broadly the different business plan types in the fashion industry. Our professor educated us on the luxury, fashion, premium, and retail business models for clothing, and also discussed the different aspects of fashion sustainability, including sustainability for people, the planet, and profits. A presentation was also given to inform us about the different study abroad options at the university, and we went on a walking tour of the campus.

After the visit to the university we toured the Da Vinci Museum with our tour guide Mirella, who also guided our walking tour of Milan. The museum was full of sketches and reproductions of Leonardo’s inventions, as well as several exhibitions on technology, specifically space exploration and astronomy. It was interesting to see the Italian perspective on the space race, and their take on humanity’s journey towards Mars exploration.

For my independent dinner, some friends and I decided to try the Italian tradition of Aperitivo, which is a light meal held at a bar, usually before dinner, with a buffet of options available. With this meal we were able to try a variety of different foods, including saffron risotto, pasta, potatoes, different kinds of rice, and various vegetables. We ate near the canal, which was beautiful when walking around with gelato after dinner. I was proud of myself for successfully navigating the subway system in Milan, which was very simple to understand and navigate.

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