Day 3

Tourist love Cafe Britt. This is because they reach out to tourist internationally. They are also a well known company that doesn’t focus just on coffee. They are involved in the chocolate business and travel goods. Costa Rican’s don’t typically drink Britt coffee. This is because Britt doesn’t necessarily target Costa Rican’s as much as tourist. There are also other cheaper options that Costa Rican’s can drink. They purchase drink supermarket coffee.

Cafe Britt is at the end of the supply chain. They sell most of their products directly to the consumer. They get the coffee beans from other plantations. They then roast the beans and package them up. Once this is completed the roasted coffee beans are ready to be sold to the consumers. Cafe Britt is very different from Doka. Doka is a coffee planatation that actually grows their own coffee bean. They don’t directly sell to the end consumer. They sell to retailers who typically sell to the end consumer. While Cafe Britt takes beans produced by suppliers and roasts them for themselves. Where they ultimately sell to the end consumer.

The way Cafe Britt sells its products influences the financial success that they have. They don’t just focus on selling one product. They have have many other focuses besides coffee. Coffee isn’t even there largest product. I think chocolate and food is there biggest market. This allows them to reach out to other customers besides coffee people. It creates a larger market for them. They also sell directly to the consumer so they know who and how many people are buying their products. I agree with their methods. They are a successful business and I don’t see any reason they should change the way the operate.

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