Hecho en Costa Rica

In the supply chain, Doka Estate is known as the supplier’s supplier. At this plantation, the coffee beans are grown, sorted, pealed, dried, and stored. They have perfected techniques in order to ensure that their coffee beans grow up to be the best they can be. This includes placing two plants together to save space, sorting out lower quality beans, and using pesticides that are not harmful to keep bugs away. Conversely, Café Britt is a supplier. Café Britt purchases beans from plantations like Doka and continues the production process. Café Britt heats the beans to varying degrees based on the type of roast desired. The company proceeds to sell their products straight to consumers with 130 stores in over 11 countries.

We were told many times throughout both tours that not all coffee beans are created equal. There is a simple way to see the distinction between beans that are high quality and those that are not. High quality beans are larger and denser with a red color while low quality beans are small and are green or black. The beans are sorted, and the top tier products are exported to sell in the United States and Europe. However, the worst beans are not wasted. The lowest quality beans are what you would expect to see left in Costa Rica, sold in supermarkets for a relatively low price. I believe that this is the reason tourists love Café Britt and locals are not as interested. Those from northern countries experience the best that Café Britt and coffee as a whole have to offer, whereas Costa Ricans have access to what is left over. Sugar is also added during the roasting of the poorer beans and can make up about 20% of the pack that is purchased in stores. This is not a healthy option for Ticos.

Café Britt has an excellent model for running their business. They have expanded their business so much that it is no longer accurate to be called “Café” Britt. Opening stores in different locations with appropriate themes is genius and contributes to their power to sell a large range of products to a large range of consumers. The topic my group is discussing is management, which is topical when focusing on the development of Café Britt’s unique stores. For all stores, an image manager is hired along with a team assigned to research and study the location of the new store. With this information, the image manager oversees the plan for designing the upcoming store. I agree with this strategy, as a specialized focus can be placed on each location, ensuring that the shop gives off the appropriate vibes. Because of this strategy, Café Britt is well on their way to a personalized customer experience. The only thing I would suggest to expand this would be to provide fresh made coffee and a seating area in their stores in a similar style to Starbucks. This could add a touch of familiarity between the customers and employees as well as create a laid back, “hang out” atmosphere in their stores.

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