Ireland Day 3

googleToday we got the chance to visit three different places! I really enjoyed all three of them but if I had to choose the one that I will still be thinking about in five years it would definitely be Google. We learned so many different things at Google all of which I found to be very interesting! Google will be a company that I will certainly be thinking about in five years because it is an American company that provides services which I utilize daily. It was really cool to be able to see how employees function here in Dublin. Their office reminds me of a really fun college campus with tons of free perks! Google is a company that continues to innovate and grow which is another reason I will absolutely be thinking of them in five years.

Our tour guides today at Google spoke about how Google is definitely an American company because even here in Dublin, the date and time are generally accommodating to the American branches of the company. They also told us about “googliness” which is a quality they seek in possible candidates. Candidates with “googliness” have a drive to succeed and a passion for Google, or at least that was my interpretation of it! This may not seem relevant in determining if I will think of them in five years, but in my opinion this shows how their corporate culture is strong and they know what they want in job candidates which in turn makes them a stronger company. Google is one that will certainly be around for the long run and one that I will think of for many years to come!

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