Irish Company and US Multinational in Ireland

We had our first two site visits today! It didn’t rain which was very helpful for our walking tour around the tech hub of Dublin. I really enjoyed our walking tour because we learned about the educational system, technology, urbanization and innovation in Dublin from the last fifty years. The tour guide showed us pictures from almost twenty years ago and it was impressive to see that today all the empty spaces from the pictures are used for multinational companies, modern apartments, restaurants, colleges and local firms. There is a large working force in the tech hub, and it is expected to keep growing in the future. The first place we went to is a distillery called Pearse Lyons at St. James. This place is very unique because the company was established with the purpose of preserving some parts of the culture of Ireland and not to seek large amounts of profit. The factory to produce the whiskey and the gift shop is inside a church which is considered a landmark of the city thanks to the role that the company plays in preserving it. The church was no longer used for religious worship, so instead of demolishing it, Pearse Lyons decided to renovate it and keep it to preserve both cultural and historical aspects of the city.

Distillery Pearse Lyons at St. James

After the walking tour in the tech hub, we went to Google! The tour guides were very friendly and willing to answer any question we had for them. They did not have a presentation prepared for us, instead, the wanted to show us the inside of the company and the role of Google in society. Something very interesting that I observed was that the employees talked a couple of times about how Google Dublin serves countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and that the company is located in the only English speaking country in the EU. This shows that employees are very proud of working for a multinational located in their country. Also, they recognized that Google is a company from the United States, but Google Dublin has a huge influence of Irish traditions in its organizational culture and work environment.

In five years, I would be thinking about Google Dublin and my experience today at the site visit. I consider Google one of the leaders in innovation and technology. The world is growing at a rapid rate regarding modernization, and Google is making sure that its customers are up to date with changes in technology. Also, I am interested in Google in its role as a multinational because I want to work abroad and be engaged in international business, and I was so happy when the employees answered my question about working abroad. They said that Google has rotational programs abroad in different parts of the world to help Google be a more diverse company and help employees connect with clients and workers all over the world. In five years, I hope that Google keeps having those programs abroad for employees and more offices around the world. I am very interested in the Asian market, so I am curious to see if Google would find a way to enter the Chinese technological industry and the possibility of involving Google Dublin in this kind of project.

At Google Dublin

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