Pizza con Prosciutto

On day 3 of our Milan visit, we visited a university, a museum, and the canal district.

At the university, we experienced a lecture about fashion supply chain and learned a bit about the university.  The university costs about $8000 for a year of tuition if we wanted to go there so I’m wondering how to get that price at Pitt.  Then we ate ate Italian market central and they had some very tasty cuisine.  The University is massive with many campuses, thousands of students, and dozens of schools of study.

At the museum, we saw drawings and models of Leonardo DiCaprio’s inventions.  There was a replica of the Last Supper, which is actually a mural, not a painting.  The museum was a restored monastery that was bombed during WWII.  Underneath the monastery is lost Roman architecture.  The museum also has a submarine, trains, a pirate ship, and a Mars exhibit.

At the canal district, we took our tour guide’s recommendation and got the best pizza in all of Milan.  Definitely the best food we have had on the trip so far.  The canal is very beautiful and we took a walk along it.  I’m looking forward to Lake Como tomorrow.  ¡Arrivederci!

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