Pho & Phu

Urban development has increased since the Vietnam War and was helped in a huge way by Bill Clinton’s visit to Vietnam, which sparked normal relations between the United States and Vietnam. American influence in Vietnamese development is shown in the current Vietnamese architecture, as it is a mix of American and French styles. Our lecturer told us about new highways to connect the provinces of Vietnam and we touched on those highways that reached east to west at our site visit to Phu My Hung. Other new improvements will be a metro system that’s currently under construction from two foreign companies, one Japanese and one Chinese. This outsourcing to help development is a prime example of globalization. The U.S. relations have been so good due to globalization that as of 2017, the rate that Vietnamese see the U.S. as favorable is 84%. This could be skewed as the controlling Communist government indirectly might affect the results of surveys and what people say to portray a perfect picture for potential investors or partners.

Phu My Hung Corporation was founded because Ho Chi Minh City was planned for a city of 400,000 people, but it is now a city of over six million. Idle land was turned into self-sufficient neighborhoods and city centers by this industrial development company, which increased commercial activity and country income. Urbanization was described in Vietnam as a successful story of low to high value, as Phu My Hung has no comparable large-scale, upscale competition in their industry. The planning, construction, and managing aspects of development are heavily intertwined to maximize efficiency of business. You could tell the quality of Phu My Hung just at the sushi restaurant we ate at. Phu My Hung is home to the rich and 38% of their population is foreigners, but some Vietnamese visit as domestic tourists to enjoy the new scenery. They follow environmental laws of Vietnam and the city, as they clean their trucks before leaving the construction sites and maintain rivers and green space in their community to encourage time spent outside.


The food was delicious today! The sushi was the best that I’ve ever had and my peach tea was, well, just peachy! I also learned my Vietnamese name, which is Binh. I like that Binh means peace and sounds familiar to my English name. IMG_1093IMG_1100IMG_1095

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