05/09/18: Glass Egg

Today we visited Glass Egg which is primarily a video game graphics company that hires itself out to larger companies that request 3D modeling or other art for their games During the visit, the speaker discussed with us some of the pros and cons of being based out of Vietnam. For Glass Egg, the greatest drawback is that Vietnam is located far away from the majority of their clientele, their first and second largest customers being the US and the UK respectively. This means that either the customer has to travel a great distance to investigate Glass Egg or representatives from Glass Egg have to travel a great distance to reach the client. This can be very costly and difficult as there can even be issues with the immigration offices of other countries, namely the US. Glass Egg also faced the challenge of lacking a population of people experienced in working with 3D modeling software and doing 3D art work. They tackled this problem, however, by developing a training program which allows the company to select artists that they believe have potential and give them the education required to be a 3D artist. This allows Glass Egg to mold their employees into the type of worker that they desire, however programs like that are costly.

            Another issues that Glass Egg faces is hacking and overall security. Because Glass Egg is frequently handling material from their clients that has not yet been released to the public, many of the companies that Glass Egg works with require them to have a certain base level of security before agreeing to a contract. This is another large cost especially as security systems require constant updating due to the ever-changing nature of the realm of cyber security. Glass Egg also must take physical measures to increase the security of their company which entails having security guards, cameras, and other measures in place.

            For Glass Egg, the greatest advantage to being located in Vietnam is the cost of operation here. The company is able to work at a cost lower than the operating cost  that would exist somewhere else in the world which means that they can provide the services to the mostly Western companies for cheaper than the cost of the company doing the work itself. Vietnam also had next to no competition from comparable companies until recently which provided Glass Egg with room to establish itself with a strong foothold in their sector of the industry.

            When asked about the future prospects the speaker told us that there have been discussions about opening another location somewhere else in Vietnam for the sake of expanding the company. Previously they had discussed opening another location in North America in order to have representatives of the company closer and more available to clients, however that plan fell through. Glass Egg also has a mobile game development team that does work on games start to finish, unlike the rest of the company that only works on graphics and 3D modeling. That division of the company, if successful, may be developed into its own company which would one day profit and operate independently of Glass Egg.

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