Day Ein (One) – Daydreaming, Impressed and Tired

If you ask me to sum up day one, including traveling, into two sentences, it would be “OMG this is so cool” and “Let me sleep please”.


After about 18 hours of traveling, we arrived in Munich 6 in the morning. Now, the first part of my “OMG this is so cool” comes from the bathroom of the airport. Since we arrived early, we walked around the airport to waste some time. As I was washing my hand about to leave the bathroom, I noticed the paper towels in the bathroom wasn’t like the U.S, but reusable! How is that possible? As usual, I put my hand under the machine and a paper towel came down, but you can’t take it off. Instead, after you dry your hands with it, it rolls back up into the machine. I and a couple of my colleagues were very amazed. We walked out of the bathroom with enlarged eyes and laughter, while others stared at us like we were idiots.

After about an hour of the bus ride, we got to our hotel in Augsburg. Our first day of Augsburg consisted 3 tour trips. The first one happened right after we arrived. Dr. Feick took us to the central part of the city where all the trolleys intersect, similar to a central subway station in the city. Between the first and second trip we met Simon and Sonja, they are the two supervisors for this trip representing the University of Augsburg. They gave us a short introduction with some information about this program and Augsburg in general. The second trip we went to a bakery near our hotel, it was my first time trying to purchase something in Germany. However, people in the bakery knew some English and the communication was not a problem at all. We walked a little further than the first trip and had a chance to look at the Augsburger Rathaus, the town hall of Augsburg, and a cathedral known as the Dome, Augsburg Cathedral.

Before I go any further, let me briefly mention that not being able to sleep on the plane was a huge mistake, not just me but many of us. After both trips, we were all extremely tired and ready to nap. In fact, after we came back from the second trip while waiting to be assigned to rooms, many of us fell asleep leaning against our luggage.

So, the third trip came after we unpacked our stuff and had a little break. Some of the German students accompanied us this time and we visited a church where the Fuggerei family is buried – St. Anna’s. Dr. Feick was explaining everything with enthusiasm while most of us are getting beaten by the jetlag and no sleep schedule. We ended a day with a sweet dinner. As you can see in the picture, I got a pasta and Pork with special-made mushroom sauce. We were split into tables communicating with the German students. It was a long dinner and I was hitting my maximum point of tiredness. When one of my colleague was talking to me, I literally fell asleep while we were having the conversation. The next thing I noticed was the story of “He fell asleep while he was talking to me” started spread all over the place.

The moment I stepped into my room and laid on my bed, I knocked out. After all, I thought it was a great day. The reusable paper towel in the bathroom and all the sight-seeing we did was awesome and definitely worth it. Just that we were all tired because we did not get a lot of sleep on the plane and had a full day of activities. But in return, I slept for 10 hours that night, it was a great night sleep preparing for the upcoming busy days.

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