Day 4 – Como Day Trip

I’m still indecisive about whether our day trip to Como was ruined or improved by the torrential downpour we encountered while on the lake. The day started out sunny, with breakfast at the hotel followed by a factory visit to Mantero. At this location Mantero houses its extensive fabric archive, in which they have catalogued thousands of fabric samples and styles. They also print fabrics of their own design. They can sell these designs to larger corporations such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel, or they can use them in their own collection and create finished products in-house. I was particularly interested in the “color kitchen”, where colors are created by an automated mixing process, and the cost effectiveness of their two printing methods (screen printing and inkjet printing). We were also able to shop in the Mantero outlet store nearby.

Our next stop was Lake Como for a group lunch, followed by a boat tour of the lake. Although we were rained out about an hour into the boat ride, the lake was still beautiful, and I was impressed by the scenery of multi-colored houses cascading down the mountainside. And, of course, I was impressed by George Clooney’s house on the lake.

My friends and I were able to find a small place for dinner. It felt like the most authentic dinner so far, since there were no tourists eating there, only Italians, which is a good sign for a restaurant. As with nearly every dinner so far, it was followed by incredible gelato.

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