Come stai, Como?

Today was an incredibly informative and culturally abundant day! I had a amazing time during our excursion to Como. We began our day with a site visit at Mantero which is a textile & silk manufacturer. It was fascinating to learn about the manufacturing process which consisted of design, printing, and finishing — which allows for a variety of different fabric “feels.”

Mantero sells fabric to designer labels such as Gucci and Chanel who then have full access to a particular pattern and can apply it to their luxury products. While every design is unique, Mantero expertly consults their archive for color and pattern ideas. This company also creates their own line of products, which we had an opportunity to view at their outlet shop. Due to confidentiality we were not permitted to take photos during this tour.

Then we traveled to Lake Como where we took photos and enjoyed a delicious lunch in this picturesque small city. We had some free time in the afternoon where we browsed around some shops.

Afterwards we met up with a tour guide who took us on a tour of the city. Lake Como is comprised of intricate architecture. One interesting building consists of both the church and government building which represents the intersection between the two. On the church, it was fun to reach up and touch a small frog — which was engraved into the wall — for good luck. Even though I had to jump to reach the frog, I think it was worth it!

Finally we had a boat tour which was my favorite part of our trip so far! Despite the thunderstorm, it was incredible to learn and see gorgeous towns within the mountains and colorful villas. For instance, for a fun fact, we even saw George Clooney’s house! I loved this part of the program so much because it was amazing to see all of these beautiful towns while enjoying ourselves on the boat.

Finally, I enjoyed a delicious authentic Italian dinner with Kari, Anila, & Madison. We found a quaint restaurant on a side street a few blocks from the hotel. We also stopped at a local grocery store for Italian snacks. It was a relaxing end to a perfect day and I can’t wait for more adventures throughout Italy.

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