Como Eileen

The title has no significance other than the fact that I am listening to Come On Eileen. I might finally be over jet lag. I know everyone loves my updates on the jet lag. I do not want to disappoint anyone. Anyway, we began today by going on a company visit to Mantero, which is a silk and printing company. They also have a fabric archive. While we were there, they were working on Louis Vuitton’s Summer 2019 collection. It was fascinating to see the behind the scenes work on designer brands.

After we went to Mantero, we went to the main city portion of Como. It was gorgeous and looked exactly the way I pictured Italy to look before I came here. Lunch was a four cheese pizza, at least for me, which was tasty. After lunch, four of us walked around to different stores including food and souvenirs. I was able to find something I think a member of my family would love. I don’t want to give anything away.


Once we got our fill of wandering around the streets, we were given a walking tour of the city of Como. I enjoyed learning about the history of the city such as the story of the frog on the men’s entrance to the city of Como’s duomo. Long story short, no one knows for sure why the frog is there, but touching it is considered good luck.


Upon completing the walking tour, we began a boat tour. Lake Como is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to go back sometime. We actually got to see George Clooney’s vacation home. Supposedly, Amal and the kids were there. My new goal is to make enough to buy one of the villas on the lake.


We ended the day by four of us grabbing the best dinner I have had thus far. I had smoked bacon, salmon risotto, and Chardonnay.  No, Dad, sprite was not included. Anyway, tomorrow we head to Florence and I could not be more excited. Ciao!

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