Day 4: A Walk in the Park

Today we took a trip to Croke Park to visit Ireland’s national stadium and meet with some of the executives that run the Stadium. Being a huge sports fan, I was very excited to get to see a country’s national stadium up close and personal. We had a great conversation with the executives of the stadium about the operations, technology, and sustainability of the stadium. I found this to be very interesting because in the US it is always the team that plays in the stadium that is the business but here it was the stadium that is the business and it just happened to be a nonprofit. We also had a great tour guide Ian, who took us all around the stadium and gave us all kinds of facts and history about the stadium and Gaelic sports that are played in it.


One of Ian’s main themes throughout the tour was the Irish peoples’ great sense of pride and tradition about where they come from. I think this fits in perfectly when you think of Ireland’s national identity. The people of Ireland are very prideful about their country and where they come from and they aren’t afraid to show it. I think this is very apparent in all of the conversations we have had throughout this trip thus far. Everyone we have spoken too has talked about all of the rich histories of the country and how proud they are to see what Ireland has become.

When it comes to me personally, I identify as a son, brother, cousin, nephew, grandson, Pittsburgher, Pitt student, sports-fan, Finance & marketing major, and Irish. All of these attributes make me the person I am today. I think I am most intense about all of the attributes about my family because I am very close with my family, Along with my family, I think I also feel very intensely about being from Pittsburgh because it is where I was born and raised and it will always be a special place to me.

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